To Intern or Not to Intern, That is the Question

The answer to this is yes! Internships can be very valuable because they show employers that you have experience; they can determine whether or not you get a job. Some places of employment look for people with prior experience in that field; internships can provide that experience. Depending on the type of internship it is, it could turn into a career.

Brian Burnsed Article

According to staff writer Brian Burnsed from U.S. News:

University officials and employers almost universally maintain that partaking in an internship—or several, which sets a student apart from his or her peers even more—before graduation is integral to finding meaningful employment in today’s seemingly impenetrable job market. More than ever, schools across the country are pushing students of all majors toward internships, and several have even added them to their graduation requirements. “These internships give these students an edge that they would not have otherwise,” says Patricia Cormier, president of Longwood University in Virginia, which requires an internship of all graduates. “It always amazes me that higher education didn’t think of this sooner. For me it’s a no-brainer. If you’re going to position your students well, you’ve got to give them this exposure before they graduate.”

The article goes on to say:

“Ryan Mossman, who graduated from Boston College with a degree in English in May 2009, said that although BC did not require that he take an internship, the school regularly touted their importance. After a discouraging job search in the months leading up to his graduation, Mossman decided an internship was the best, if not only, way for him to launch his career. Instead of aimlessly searching for job openings as he claims many of his peers did after graduation, he took an internship at LVM Group, a public-relations firm, soon after graduating. The internship eventually led to a full-time position as an assistant account executive with the company. Meanwhile, he says many of his friends sit at home with their degrees, waiting for a job to fall in their laps. ‘Had I not taken a post-graduation internship, I think I’d be in the same position they are,’ he says”.

College Magazine Article

According to College Magazine writer, Rubaiat Ali, the common internships for English majors are working at your university’s writing center, working as an online magazine editor, working as a teaching assistant, working as a campus news reporter, and working at a publishing company.

NIU’s Internship Website

The following is taken from Northern Illinois University’s internship website:

These are some resources you can use to find internships.

My View on Internships

I am actually looking at doing an internship this summer. After doing research for this blog post, I am thinking I should do an internship. I think working at a magazine would be a fun experience. I could put my writing skills, graphic design skills, and photography skills to the test.

I hope this blog post informed you of the importance of doing an internship. I know I will be seriously considering one!


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