Until We Find Home

Sigh. Do you ever feel sad that you finished a book and wished it never ended? That’s how I feel about Until We Find Home by Cathy Gohlke.


Claire Stewart is an American living in Paris at the beginning of WWII. Once Germany invades France, Claire is supposed to meet her beau, Artaud, and flee to her aunt who is living in England. However, when she arrives at the ship, Arnaud is not there. She is forced to shuttle five children to a different country and try to find her aunt. When they make it to her aunt’s house, Claire and the children find more adventure than they thought possible. Claire also finds her true love in a most unexpected way.

My Review:

I really admire Claire throughout most of the story. She’s tough, resilient, and very determined. It’s those qualities that help her cross the ocean with five children by herself. There were a few times that I thought she really needed to change her attitude toward the children, though. She could be crass and quite rude to them at times. However, deep down, she really cares about them.

David is probably my favorite character in the whole story. He keeps Claire grounded and guides her in the right direction when she needs it. When she doubts God and His existence, David explains to her his reason for believing in Him. He is also a great role model for the boys who need a father figure in their life.

Of course, there is a great romance weaved in throughout the story. Actually, there are a couple of romances stories. If you want to know about the other romance, you’ll have to read the story.

Recommend/Not Recommend:

This is first book by Cathy, and I will definitely be reading more of her books. If you enjoy a good history lesson, I think you will like this story.


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