The Weaver’s Daughter

A timeless romantic classic. This book deserves to sit on bookshelves alongside Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and Romeo and Juliet.

Sarah E Ladd writes about two people whose sense of loyalty could ruin much more than a couple of broken hearts.

Katherine “Kate” Dearborne’s family has been in the weaving business for many generations. Kate grew up tending the sheep and working in the dye house to help her father and keep peace between herself and her father. Kate’s brother, Charles, left the Dearborne family business to work for a rival mill owner, William Stockton. The Stockton’s and Dearborne’s have been enemies for years. Kate has the same opinion as her father of the Stockton’s, until a young, handsome, war beaten man named Henry Stockton rides into town.

Henry Stockton is the heir to Stockton Mill. However, he has been away fighting in the war for the past 3 years. A lot has changed for Henry since coming back from the war. He suffers from PTSD, and he has hard time adjusting to being back home in Amberdale.

Despite their families being enemies and their own prejudices against one another, Henry and Kate run into each other on numerous occasions, and their feelings for one another grow over time.

I enjoyed how Kate was a more modern character, and she went against the conventional norm for women in that time period.

If you’re looking for a wholesome, romantic, mystery novel, I think you’ll like The Weaver’s Daughter.