What’s Better: Technical vs. Creative Writing

This is often a topic of discussion among English majors. Which one is better? The answer is simple: It all depends on what you want to do after graduation. If you want to be an author, poet, novelist, etc. the creative writing courses are going to be a better fit. If you want to write technical documents such as grant proposals, research proposals, manuals, procedural documents, etc. the technical writing classes will be good courses to take.

Many English majors choose to take technical writing classes, but they also write creatively on the side. A friend told me that every English major secretly works on writing a book, a poem, or a play, etc. I think he was right. By nature, we love to write and tell stories.

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The Fun Part: Picking Out Classes

Deciding on a major and picking out a college were the stressful parts of the process. Now, the fun part begins: it’s time to pick out classes. For me, this was the most exciting part of college. I loved looking over the class description and seeing what I would be learning. Unfortunately, this is my last semester, and I won’t be picking out new classes anymore.

Depending on what type of English degree you’re getting, you’ll need to pick classes that will benefit you the most. For example, I am getting an English degree in the writing track. Hence, many of my classes have a lot of writing.

My Classes

I also had to select classes that would benefit me most in the workforce. So, I chose to take a lot of technical writing classes. I learned how to write memos, how to write grant proposals, how to write research proposals, how to write procedural documents, etc. My adviser told me those skills were extremely valuable to potential employers.

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